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Years ago, Bavarian immigrant Joseph Doelger had a brewery across the street and brewed one of New Yorks first true lager beers.His daughter was the mother of Mae West, born in 1893.Later on it would become a legendary hangout for writers.used to frequent here, and over the decades, the pub has become a gathering place for writers, poets, journalists, and activists of the Lost and Beat generations.It was also popular with writers Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso, Frank OHara, and Le Roi Jones.Pollock was eventually banned from the establishment for kicking in the mens room door, as was Kerouac, who allegedly urinated in an ashtray.In addition, when it was first built, before massive land-fill projects dramatically expanded the surface area of Lower Manhattan, the East River actually came up to the structures foundation.

Unfortunately, in April, 2007, the chimney inside collapsed, causing the bar to temporarily shut down along with a few surrounding buildings. Clarkes, which dates back to 1884, is in a small brick building constructed in 1868.

Its been purported that the expression to 86 something, meaning to hide or get rid of something, or to stop serving someone, comes from the Prohibition days of Chumleys when police would warn owners to 86 everyone out the back door while Prohibition agents were raiding.