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25-Dec-2017 16:37

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Approximately 16% of adolescents reported being a victim of dating violence.Females reported higher incidence of victimization than males. While it is important to address the underlying values in society that may contribute to dating violence, it is equally productive to include regional and cultural values.Several individual GII indicators were significantly associated with TDV victimization after removing the outlying case.Ordinary least squares regression was used to create a model for TDV victimization and gender inequality.

Descriptive statistics were generated to determine the prevalence and context of sexual victimization experienced by female students, and ordered logit models were used to identify associated risk factors.

Age had a non-proportional influence; oldest students were particularly likely to report injuries.

Residence in the parental home during the college years had a protective effect (AOR 0.48, 95%CI 0.24-0.93).

states as the unit of analysis, this study sought to determine whether gender inequality is a societal level risk factor for TDV victimization.

To measure the level of gender inequality in each state, the Gender Inequality Index (GII) was calculated using the procedure described in the United Nations’ Human Development Report.

To address this gap, a quantitative questionnaire on this topic was distributed to students at a large public university.