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22-Jan-2018 10:01

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Some writers, celebrities, and artists have challenged the gender-based "Crazy Cat Lady" stereotype, and embraced the term to mean an animal lover or rescuer who cares for one or multiple cats, and who is psychologically healthy.

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Did you know if a cat’s tail is shaped like a question mark they want to play with you? I could build a village from the insane amount of hairballs I’ve disposed of (for the record I Googled hairball village, because cat fandom has no limits, and fortunately there are none… Look, I’ve been late to things because I wanted to finishing watching a video of a cat ride a Roomba, but my cats aren’t the center of my life. It obviously stems from the spinster stereotype, but unless I wind up on an episode of , I can’t help but feel a little offended at this sexist generalization.

They may find the human need for affection is met most easily through a relationship with a pet." This devotion can sometimes signal mental or emotional issues such as depression.

Recent research indicates a link between the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which sexually reproduces exclusively in cats, and causes numerous psychiatric conditions, including obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Cats boarded ships from Europe to America with Christopher Columbus, and they were official employees of the USPS in the 19th century because they cleaned up the mice.

Wait a minute, does that mean my cat should be getting an unemployment check?(Maybe I should’ve shown him all the cat pictures on my phone? Some cats don’t even care if you’re there.” I agreed, asserting honestly that MY cat is the preferred friendly, dog-like cat that greets me loudly upon my arrival.