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The information about sample locations and sample sizes is in the moof box, each moof box is followed by a mdat that contains the samples as described in the preceding moof box.

Typically one would choose the length of a (moof, mdat)-pair to be around 2,4 or 8 seconds (there is no specification on that but these values seem to be reasonable for most usecases).

If you want to discuss further you can contact me directly. Since your going to have to rebuild the file on the receiving side anyway, I guess you could just kind of segment it, Steve Mcfarin wrote a little apple Segmented Ecorder you can find on his github page, this solves some of the issues for moov atoms since you have all the file info.

The moov box then only contains basic information about the tracks (how many, their type , codec initialization and so on) but no information about the samples in the track.

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( Live transcoding and streaming of MP4 works in Android but fails in Flash player with Net Stream. File Structure Invalid error ) Of course, MPEG-TS exists, but it is not supported by HTML5 .This should work, because ffplay use libavformat which can decode elementary streams, one caveat since there is no file length info, some things have to be determined by the play, the DTS and PTS and also the player can't seek within the file.Alternatively an the raw naul's from the m4v stream can be used to construct an rtmp stream.This is a way to construct a neverending MP4 stream.

Ultimately fragmented mp4 is like Apple HTTP live streaming and does a good job. After some tweaking, I managed to create an m4v file (basically an MP4) without an moov atom, and it played in Totem, without showing any info about video length.Once the code has been embedded on a page please login to the chat room using the same member profile used to obtain the embed code.