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12-Aug-2017 12:54

Tens of thousands of Cologne supporters flooded into central London on Thursday ahead of their Europa League tie with Arsenal, despite just a few thousand of the club’s fans having tickets to the game.

Police said there was no “significant disorder” but video shared on social media showed huge crowds making their way along Oxford Street and through narrow streets in Soho, with some of the estimated 20,000 fans lighting flares, throwing bottles and chanting.

This may be one of the reasons that Yemaya is associated with the element of Water, Magic, Healing and Motherhood.

Alternate spellings: Symbols: Seashells, an open shell, the Moon, bodies of water, 7 seas, 7 skirts, and the 5 pointed Star of Isis.

Yemaya governs the household and she grants protection, security, safety, love and healing to all those who ask her aid.

Yemaya enjoys having a good time and loves to dance.

She is associated with saltwater, rain, healing, ducks, peacocks, fertility, the Full Moon, the Stars, the subconscious, creativity and female mysteries such as menstruation, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. She also acts as a spiritual mother to all those who feel lost and lonely.

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She’s generally regarded as the elder sister of Ochún, and is considered the mother of the most powerful Orishas.The Metropolitan Police said the group of supporters was in the area for half an hour before making their way to the Emirates Stadium in north London."They did throw bottles and let off flares, but there was no significant disorder, police were on scene and there have been no arrests,” the force said in a statement.Her movements are said to reflect the rhythm of the waves.

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Although it is also said that this creator goddess does not like being around death and violence, she can be fierce and will go to war on behalf of her children wielding a machete with expertise. Yemaya is associated with the creative and nurturing forces of the sea, the part of the ocean where there are plants, fish and other marine life that humans can use for food.Legend has it that when her uterine broke, the water caused a great flood on the Earth that created the Ocean and the first Man and Woman were her children.